Wenquan county government of Bozhou, Xinjiang and Tianmei biology signed investment framework agreement


On September 22, 2020, sponsored by the people's Government of Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (hereinafter referred to as Bozhou), the "2020 Bozhou (Shenzhen) Investment Promotion Conference" was held in the Intercontinental Hotel Conference Center of Shenzhen Oct.

More than 200 entrepreneurs, including Liu Zizi, secretary and chairman of the CPPCC Party group in Bozhou, Xinjiang, Li Xinguang, vice governor, and Hu Yongwei, chairman of Tianmei biology, attended the meeting.                            



Liu Ziwei, Secretary of the Party group of the Bozhou CPPCC, made a speech at the meeting

Bortala is a Mongolian language, which means "green grassland" in Chinese. It is located in the northwest of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and an important port area of Northern Xinjiang, with a total area of 27200 square kilometers and 524 kilometers away from Urumqi, the capital. The total population of the prefecture is nearly 500000. There are 35 ethnic groups, including Mongolia, Han, Uygur, Kazak and Hui, and the minority population accounts for 34%.

In recent years, Bozhou has thoroughly implemented the party's strategy of governing Xinjiang in the new era, focusing on the overall goal of social stability and long-term stability.

Focus on social stability and long-term stability, firmly grasp the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability; focus on the implementation of the strategic objectives of the countries along the road, adhere to the new development concept, seize the major opportunities of the new round of western development, adhere to the implementation of the four development strategies of "uniting and stabilizing the state, building the state ecologically, strengthening the state at the port, and prospering the state through tourism", so as to achieve social harmony and stability, national stability and unity, and people's security It is a gratifying situation for the sustainable development of juleye and economy.

Vice governor Li Xinguang said in his promotion that Bozhou has obvious geographical advantages, prominent port advantages, distinctive industrial characteristics, superior natural environment, profound cultural accumulation, favorable investment policies and stable social situation, which is a new highland for the full release of the superposition effect of Xinjiang's opening-up policies.

China's one belt, one road and the new era of promoting the new pattern of the western development, has established the idea of "unity of stability, ecology, state, tourism and prosperity" and "one year's foundation, two years of success, three years' upward steps and five years of great changes". Xi Jinping's thoughts and ideas are based on the socialist ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Bid.

Bozhou has become one of the prefectures with the best business environment, the highest efficiency and the highest rate of return on investment in Xinjiang. It has become a highland for regional investment, attracting many of China's top 500 private enterprises to settle down.

At the conference, one belt, one road, the natural spice industrial park investment framework agreement was signed by the people's Government of Xinjiang Hot Springs County and Tian Mei bio.



With the acceleration of one day's market and one belt, one road, the natural beauty industry park has invested more and more in the development of the natural flavor industry park.

In the future, relying on the natural geographical advantages, logistics advantages and energy advantages of Bozhou will solve the problem of expanding demand for spice raw materials. After the industrial park is completed and put into operation, it will achieve the business objectives of abundant production capacity, excellent quality, stable delivery and cost reduction, enhance the competitiveness of Tianmei biological enterprises for a long time, and provide solid and continuous assistance for Tianmei biological in market competition and capital market development.