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“DuiJiuDangGe” Pueraria-Stachyose Tabletting Candy

Product Name: “DuiJiuDangGe” Pueraria-Stachyose Tabletting Candy 

Ingredients: pueraria, stachyose, Hovenia dulcis, sesame, skimmed milk powder, fructooligosaccharide, polydextrose, citric acid, sodium citrate, stevioside, magnesium stearate.

Net Content/Specification: 6g (0.6g/piece×10 pieces)

Usage: 1-2 tablets before and after drinking, 2 tablets per day for daily maintenance

Product Standard: SB/T 10347

Production License: SC10661020100062

Producer: Xi'an Dietary Therapy Health Management Co., Ltd.

Address: C601, Gazelle Valley, No.69 Jinye Road, Xi’an Hi-tech Zone, Xi’an, China

Manufacturer: Tongchuan Dietary Therapy Health Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Intersection of Datang 3rd Road and Changhong South Road (next to Baidu Industry), Southern Industrial Park, New District, Tongchuan City

Place of Origin: Tongchuan, Shaanxi

Shelf Life: 24 months

Production date: see coding