Plant Monomer Active Ingredien

Ferulic Acid

Chinese name: Awei Suan

English name: Ferulic Acid

Molecular formula: C10H10O4; molecular weight: 194.19; CAS No.: 520-36-5

Structural formula


Physical properties:

Appearance: white to light yellow powder; melting point: 168-172ºC; solubility: soluble in hot water, ethanol and ethyl acetate, hardly soluble in benzene and petroleum ether.

Testing method: HPLC

Description: It has two kinds: cis-form and trans-form. The cis-form is yellow oily matter, and the trans-form is square crystal or fibrous crystal. Ferulic acid is a kind of aromatic acid which is ubiquitous in the plant kingdom, and it is a component of suberin. It rarely exists in the free state in plants, and mainly forms a binding state with oligosaccharide, polyamine, lipid and polysaccharide.


It is used as a food additive and also used to prepare vanillin.

Packaging: 25kg fiber drums   

Storage: In a dry and cool place.