Plant Monomer Active Ingredien


Chinese name: Qincaisu

English name: Apigenin

Molecular formula: C15H10O5; molecular weight: 270.24; CAS No.: 520-36-5

Structural formula


Physical properties:

Appearance: yellow acicular crystal; melting point: 347~348ºC; solubility: DMSO: 27mg/ml

Testing method: HPLC

Description: Apigenin is a natural flavonoid compound, which exists in many plants in the form of plant yellow pigment, mainly from Apium graveolens, and it is also found in other plants such as chamomile, melissa officinalis, purple perilla, verbena and yarrow.


It is mostly used in food, medicine, daily chemicals and other fields.

Packaging: 25kg fiber drums 

Storage: In a dry and cool place.