Plant Monomer Active Ingredien


Chinese name: Muxicao Su

English name: Luteolin

Molecular formula: C15H10O6; molecular weight: 286.23; CAS No.: 491-70-3

Structural formula


Physical properties:

Appearance: yellow acicular crystal; melting point: 330ºC; solubility: soluble in ethanol and methanol, slightly soluble in hot water and hardly soluble in cold water.

Testing method: HPLC

Description: Luteolin is a typical natural flavone, which is a weakly acidic kaempferol compound and widely distributed in the plant kingdom, mainly in herbs such as honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, schizonepeta and ajuga decumbens, and in vegetables such as thyme, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, beet, broccoli and carrot.


Luteolin extract has been used in clinic, and luteolin can be used as a food additive.

Packaging: 25kg fiber drums

Storage: In a dry and cool place.