Xi'an App-Chem Entered into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Xi'an Guoxu Investment Management Co., Ltd.


On February 19, 2021, a Capital-Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Seminar was held, during which Xi'an App-Chem Bio (Tech) Co., Ltd. (“App-Chem”) and Xi'an Guoxu Investment Management Co., Ltd., (“Guoxu”) entered into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement.


Pic.| Agreement Signing

During the seminar, Mr. Hu Yongwei, Chairman of App-Chem, introduced the U.S. stock market,  App-Chem’s core products, and App-Chem's progress in listing on NASDAQ in the U.S. Mr. Hu said: App-Chem will actively transform its technical advantages in the industry into market advantages, and strive for its future growth into a leading enterprise in the niche market.


Pic. | Capital-Enterprise Strategy Seminar

According to Yang Zhihui, General Manager of Guoxu, “Guoxu takes growth with leading enterprises in the industry as its guiding ideology, and focuses on future leading enterprises’ incubation and growth. Guoxu Investment is optimistic about App-Chem’s core products - clary sage series products. Clary sage’s flowers, leaves, fruits, and the whole plant can be processed into high value-added products for the European and American markets, complying with the related current national support policies. Clary sage industry can revitalize the livelihood and economic development of the entire region and effectively promote the whole industry chain including green agriculture, natural scenery tourism, designated poverty alleviation, and high value-added processing of natural fragrances. I believe that our cooperation will accelerate App-Chem’s market potential unlock and impact positively on society and people's livelihood”.

By this strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties reached unified strategic opinions. According to the agreement, the two parties will cooperate deeply in investment and financing, innovative business model practice, and strategic planning and implementation, and focus extensively on biomedicine, upstream industrial chain construction, supply chain optimization, joint innovation of business models, and capital diversification.

This strategic cooperation will provide continuous impetus for App-Chem’s long-term and healthy development after its listing on the NASDAQ and a strong guarantee for its exponential growth.